Our values

HealthYnsect’s objective is to become a significant player of the food sector in order to provide consumers access to a high quality protein diet that benefits from high organoleptic properties. Our products meet the highest food safety and quality standards, and we promote a sustainable economy by participating in fair trade agreements with our suppliers and promote sustainable energy practices.

Our proprietary cricket powder (“Acheta domesticus”) has been refined to obtain a concentrate that is more water-soluble, has a neutral smell, and retains natural properties, including a high protein content that sets an industry standard.

HealthYnsect’s cricket powder is refined using a proprietary method that allows it to be introduced into our manufacturing process without altering the taste and texture of our products.

We help a network of cricket farms in Thailand comply with GAP (“Good Agricultural Practices”) standards. These are small units, often family-run, from which we buy either the crickets or the flour at a fair price. This assistance allows farms to reach superior quality levels and to have access to international markets.

The climate of Southeast Asian countries makes it possible – WITHOUT any external supply of energy – to breed insects, which is therefore a source of almost no pollution.

After starting HealthYnsect we began research in Belgium and Thailand to understand the components of cricket powder and the potential toxicity of the crickets flour. We’re now creating a network of cricket farms in Thailand that meet GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards and are working with a Thai university to create healthy and balanced food intended for our cricket farms. Once developed this food will be produced organically.