Our team

Michel Coibion

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Responsibilities :
Contact with the Authorities and our Thai partners
Scientific aspects
R&D coordinator

The intensive practice of cancerology blindfolded my eyes, which opened up to the world in 2015 during a trek in Thailand where, among other things, I discovered traditional entomophagy.
After meeting Patrick Durst, Director of FAO, I confirmed that insects are THE food of the future!

I was fortunately able to gather several friends as crazy as me to join me in this new passion and to create HealthYnsect.

Jean-François Thirionet


Artisan baker and pastry chef

Responsibilities :
Commercial and production aspects

While managing my business (Patachou at Juprelle), I joined the HealthYnsect team to launch the project. At HealthYnsect I bring my culinary expertise, always concerned with developing foods that are both tasty and made with high quality ingredients. My long career as a baker-pastry chef is certainly a plus for the project !

Philippe Pire

Managing Director / CEO

Honorary auditor
Former EY Partner

Responsibilities :
Administrative and financial aspects

After a career of more than thirty years as Company Auditor, including twenty as an EY partner (Ernst & Young), I joined the HealthYnsect team to launch the company, seduced by its mission to develop a healthy, sustainable and totally innovative diet. I particularly enjoy the dynamic and friendly atmosphere that reigns within our team.

Etienne Deblon


Sales Engineer
Business angel

Responsibilities :
Commercial aspects and Business Development

As a Business Angel, I was won over by the enthusiasm, the goals and the values of the founders of HealthYnsect. With more than 35 years of international experience in Business Development, commercial negotiations and the management of large projects, I want to help HealthYnsect to develop as quickly as possible and to realize its ambitious project of new protein diet, one of the innovative solutions for ensuring food security for all within the framework of a sustainable economy.

Chatdanai Kongtas

Technical expert

Responsibilities :
Supervision of our network of farms in Thailand
Contacts with Thai laboratories
Contacts with Thai authorities

Jean-Pierre Lannoy

R&D Director

Chemical engineer
Former Director European Research Analytical Group (Estée Lauder)
37 years of experience as a Development and Quality Assurance manager for multinational corporations

Responsibilities :
Scientific aspects

Having retired after a long career as an industrial chemical engineer where I finished as Director of lab research for a large international group in cosmetics, I wanted to bring my knowledge and expertise to a young active company in a promising area. I joined the HealthYnsect team to ensure the scientific rigor of manufacturing processes and compliance with standards.