Our story

During a trip to Thailand, our President and Co-Founder, Michel Coibion, discovered the importance of entomophagy in human food.

In 2018 the HealthYnsect team formed to introduce the benefits of cricket proteins to the Western world with the aim of never forgetting that eating is, and must remain, a pleasure !

HealthYnsect was set up in February 2018 and is active in the field of entomophagy through the development of a range of food products enriched with cricket protein and the implementation of a Research and Development program aimed at:

  1. Meeting the expectations of the FAO;
  2. Analyzing and limiting toxicological, microbiological and allergic risks;
  3. Finding alternative cricket powder manufacturing processes that optimize protein content and maintain the quality of nutrients of the whole cricket;
  4. Correlating the results of research and analysis of products with the Novel Food Directive, which requires the filing and acceptance of a solid scientific dossier before marketing insect-based products.

HealthYnsect is also a member of BIIF (Belgian Insect Industry Federation)