Why cricket protein ?

In 2013, the FAO published a report entitled “Edible insects – Prospects for food security and animal feed”, which recommends integrating edible insects into human food to reduce the environmental impact of our food consumption while offering a quality diet, rich in proteins and minerals.

One of the most environmentally responsible sources of protein in the world is cricket powder. To produce the same amount of edible material as beef, the cricket needs 24 times less food, 2,000 times less water and produces 100 times less greenhouse gases. A huge difference when we consider that the livestock sector generates as many greenhouse gases as the transport sector and monopolizes two thirds of the cultivated areas of the planet.

In addition, cricket powder contains a large number of vitamins and minerals.

Our project is part of these new food trends, shared by a growing segment of the population wishing to eat differently, with greater respect for nature and stakeholders in the agricultural world.